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International Orders

Pleasenote:Right now, it is limited to customers who live in Thailand. If you live in other areas, please contact us through Contact Us.

We only accept payment by credit card.
Please do not choose any other means.
The currency is the Japanese yen(JPY).

With overseas shipments, unfortunately it is far beyond our control once it leaves Japan Damage or losses may be incurred with foreign shippers, with customs and during agricultural inspections or quarantine. Unfortunately, delays are common. We will however work with you to resolve all issues.
International plant shipments are usually sent by Express Mail Service where available.
Live arrival is not guaranteed.
It takes about three weeks to ship.

Pulling your order
Cleaning and preparing the plants to ship
Wrapping the plants -- Typically individually for protection
Packing the plants -- New boxes with appropriate clean packing 
and insulation

Paperwork: includes your initial order, a pick sheet, and an invoice(except for a phytosanitary certificate).
Preparing: a plant to ship includes inspecting and cleaning, securing the compost in the pot with paper and tape or wrapping the root ball in plastic or bare-rooting the plants as may be required. The plant is then wrapped in paper.
Packing: is done in new boxes for all plant shipments, with shredded paper added to fill voids and insulate the box. 

All plants shipments overseas require a phytosanitary certificate from Japan, which presently costs 5000JPY. 
That will be automatically added to the total amount due at the time of settlement.

The shipping cost will be automatically calculated and added to your order when you pay for it.
No refunds or additional charges will be made in the event of overages or shortages.

Do you have any other questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form!

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